It all started with a life changing moment, the day I gave birth to my children.  My body shape had changed and I soon realized that I had to deal with a whole new body. What I hadn’t in mind was that none of my clothes fitted me anymore. I  then started looking for new outfits and quickly had to come to the conclusion that “plus size” fashion was the only solution, a solution I couldn’t recognize myself in. Frustrated not to be able to find pieces that fitted my new body shape and personality, I started imagining a clothing line for all women. Together with a team who understands those expectations and the ones of women in general, we have created a clothing line that reflects our lifestyle, always inspired by our love and passion for Paris.


Contemporary and elegant cuts, comfortable but structured. A different approach to women and their bodies, which enhances and reveal them.

…and harmony

With elegance…

We started the story of Almé by creating a few pieces, as limited editions, Clothes to wear by day and by night, a collection to live everyday.